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Artscape- connecting arts and communities to create a change

Arts agency ARTSCAPE is a project-based performing arts agency from Vilnius, Lithuania, working in the field of culture and arts management since 2012. We are passionate about art as a vehicle of social innovation and thus promote innovative cultural, artistic, educational projects as well as arts professionals in their careers paths and growth.

Artscape is working in 2 directions:
1. Artscape is a network and training hub for social engaged artists:
-Organising trainings for theatre professionals
-Exchanging practices in international contexts

2. Projects with communities to create a change
-Professional theatre productions
-Program with refugees
-Program with communities from multi-etchic backgrounds


Giedrė Putramentaitė, managing director

Aistė Ulubey, project manager

Kristina Savickienė, project manager

Kristina Werner, head of educational programmes