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Artscape invites you to take part in professional culture management training Project Manager to get acquainted with the basics of culture management and project management.
Training will take place in Vilnius, from April 5, duration – 4 weeks.

Unemployed and unskilled young people up to 29 years old. Lithuanian Labor Exchange compensates 100% of training.

During the project manager’s training, learners will learn:
– how to find published competitions for cultural and creative industries projects
– preparing and submitting applications, \ t
– learn about the main project development tools
– be able to plan and control the project budget,
– Develop and implement a project marketing plan
– choose the appropriate communication tools;
– Develop an effective project evaluation system
– the basics of project documentation management.

The training program is registered in the Register of Qualification Improvement Programs and Events, we issue an official certificate certified by the Education and Science Register.
Registration and additional information by e-mail: