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As we cannot foresee how long it will take until we can meet again physically in Baltic Applied theatre school, Artscape welcomes participants to Baltic Applied Theatre School Online World.
For us, Applied Theatre does not only mean creativity and solidarity but also using crises to develop new ideas. How can people stay connected when they can’t look each other in the eye?
How can we create something together when everybody is sitting at home isolated?
We are using COVID-19 pandemic to connect with and inspire each other. Participants of  BATS  live in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia (and Germany) and for inspiring experiences, we set up  4 different routes:
A ____ Academic Route (starting from 4th April)
We study the growing body of writing on applied theatre and its practitioners, and theatre theory.
We consider local and international case studies; we read, watch videos and discuss on Friday afternoon in zoom calls. We will post here a selection of texts and videos according to a specific topic. All the texts will be in English.
B ____ CreativeMe (starting from 6th April)
We can use these extraordinary times to get to know each other in creative ways with creative activities almost every day to do at home.
C ____ Community Projects – share and inspire (starting from 8th April)
Some of the participants have already prepared a project proposal, some were about to start, or already started. Others are just at the beginning of their thinking about a theatre project they can do with a community.
We will use these crazy times also to rethink how applied theatre can be done digitally without meeting people physically and see the new possibilities the limitation gives us!
D ____ Webinars by experts (probably starting in May)
We are rethinking the content by experts and evaluate how webinars could be developed.
A journey continues!