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When the pandemic broke out, performing art organizations were among the first ones to close their doors and cease their activities. It is very difficult to say when it will be possible to go back to communities, resume our international activities or plan events abroad.  However, the Lithuanian government helping is limited and ‘Artscape’, together with other NGO’s from performing arts are advocating the sector’s needs to draw attention to the extremely difficult situation for NGO’s in performing arts sector.

The cultural policy measures so far only partially or not at all satisfy the need of organizations and individual artists operating in a field:

Measurements Problems for NGO sector operating in performing arts
Basic measurements available for all sectors
Salaries subsidy for the employees. The amount of subsidy will be 60 or 90 per cent of a salary, but not higher than 607 eur bruto. Most of NGO’s doesn’t have enough fund for full-time staff.
Freelancers are getting 247 eur monthly subsidy Only if they do not have any working contract.If the freelancer has an employment contract even for 1-hour he\she is not eligible
Additional measurements for culture:
607 eur amount to recognized artists who has an “artist status” -not applicable for managers, producers, curators, light/ sound designers and other secondary professions in the field-thousands of art professionals doesn’t have “status of artists”- difficult procedures and criteria to get one
600 Eur educational scholarships (grant for the creative project) only 300 artists
freelancers artists who registered they freelancer’s licence not later than July 19th, 2019, and are working in a field of cinema production, theatre productions will be able to get compensations according to theyr lost income. -not applicable for managers, producers, curators, light/ sound designers and other secondary professions in the field
-some freelancers registered they licence later- This measure will be louched at the end of April and calculations on how they will calculate the amount lost is not clear yet
A new call launched for productions of alternative content (digital and other). Around 300 organizations will be granted with a maximum of 15000 Eur. Both government organizations and NGO’s are eligible applicants. There are around 5000 Ngo’s operating in performing arts field. And the call is for all fields!
NGO’s from performing arts are advocating for:

-long term strategy

-bigger funds allocated

-programs for freelancers and NGO’s

-compensation system for organizations for lost income

-inclusion of producers, video artists, light designers and other professionals working in the field

-other appropriate measures