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Baltic Applied Theatre School offers a vocational training course for theatre educators and artists in all three Baltic countries. Under the guidance of well known international applied theatre practitioners, this programme addresses the political, theoretical and ethical issues of applied theatre, and explores the ways in which theatre and performance are created by diverse groups of people. It´s a platform to learn about the dynamic and ever-changing field of applied theatre: an umbrella term for a range of performance forms concerned with personal and social change.

BATS supports and mentors students to develop a theatre project in a community. On this project students further the skills they have practised on the programme, whilst dealing with the challenges of a professional context. Communities are groups of multiethnic backgrounds in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Project is implemented in LATVIA (with partners Foundation INITIUM) and ESTONIA (Eesti Teatri-ja Draamahariduse Selts MTÜ).

Funding partners are the British Council and the German embassy in Lithuania.

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