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Lithuania, having formally agreed with the European Union quotas and slowly accepting families of refugees, looses most of them immediately after the integration process. While facing unemployment in Lithuania, feeling the hostility of society, or wanting to unite with the scattered family members in Europe, these people run out of the country with legally rented buses or illegally assisted by smugglers.

Dreamland began as a reaction of a young team of artists to this problem. In November 2016  Documentary material was gathered during artistic research at the Pabradė Registration Center for Asylum seekers, from Lithuanian and foreign online articles, and statements by politicians.  

On Lithuanian National drama stage- real people from the Middle East, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia. Some – refugees, who have been granted asylum in Lithuania with freedom or even life, others – economic, love migrants, students. Almost all of them say they have no friends here. Passers-by often go to the other side of the street so they do not have to walk over them. The landlords drop their handsets after hearing their nationality. Nonetheless, these people are grateful to God, Allah, or destiny for being in Lithuania for the rainy fall of our fall and the calm river Neris. They are different, but some of them are united: the fate of everyone, upon their arrival in Lithuania, has been marked with a fracture, intensifying the past, drowning the future in the fog of uncertainty, and turning the present into an endless state of weightlessness. The state when you are both here and there. Or you are nowhere. Perhaps this state is known by those who have emigrated themselves. Maybe she is not able to do what she wants or does not find suitable activities. Maybe for those who do not love or feel unloved. However, the strongest person feels it when he realizes that what is left is irreversibly changed and that the return is no longer where.

Coproducer- Lithuanian national drama theatre

Concept authors – Mars JANČIAUSKAS, Agne Matulevičiūtė, Rimantas RIBAČIAUSKAS, Kristina Savickiene,  text authors – Rimantas RIBAČIAUSKAS, Kristina Savickiene,  Director – Mantas JANČIAUSKAS, stage designer – Lauryna LIEPAITĖ Costume Designer – Dovilė GUDAČIAUSKAITĖ Composer – Agne Matulevičiūtė video projections authors – Aneta Bublytė, Aivars Ligeika Lighting – Vilius VILUTIS Assistant Director – Regina GARUOLYTĖ Manager – Giedrė PUTRAMENTAITĖ