Artscape Space

Artscape Space

Artscape Space is a dynamic studio for artists in Vilnius. Our modern yet rustic studio provides a comfortable space flooded with natural light and central location in Naujamiestis district. Designed for multidisciplinary artists, our urbanistic style studio fosters creativity and a sense of Vilnius artistic neighborhood.

Residents enjoy access to working space at 1st floor, communal areas (3 floors) and outdoor spaces. Regular artist talks, workshops, and critiques encourage the exchange of ideas. At Artscape Space, creativity knows no bounds, and artists shape and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression together. Space is designed for individual projects as well as holding events, presentations and co-creations processes.

As part of our commitment to artistic growth, Artscape Space fosters connections with the local artistic community, enabling residents to engage in cultural events and explore the rich environment of the surrounding urban style area.



This contemporary working space is full of natural light, provides a spacious and flexible workspace ideal for painters, sculptors, writers, and creators of all disciplines. With a commitment to collaboration, the studio encourages a sense of community among artists, making it an ideal setting for inspiration and innovation. This dynamic space is designed to elevate artistic practice being flexible for changes in space setting (indvidual artistic work, meetings, presentations, etc.).



Shower / bathroom

Bathroom is fully equipped with shower facilities for private use.



Kitchenette is fully equipped with electric oven, kettle, dishes, refrigerator and other necessities.



Bedroom is at 3rd floor of the studio (private space) equipped with a couch suitable for one person to stay.