Aleksotas’ community invites everyone to discover life experiences through colors

Aleksotas’ community invites everyone to discover life experiences through colors

Do you feel safe that snow won’t start falling on your head while you’re riding the bus? Is the flavor of your first kiss still fresh in your mind?

This weekend at the Aleksotas Community Festival in Kaunas, Arts Agency Artscape invites you to a performative experience called “5 Stories of Colors” in which you’ll be able to answer these and other questions, create together, share your experiences, and come to know how Aleksotas community sees the city of Kaunas.

Photo by Irmantas Saulius

Through the performance’s three phases—invitation, participation, and creation—viewers will learn about the unanticipated lives of Aleksotians, relive their own and others’ shared experiences, and collaborate on a new work of art inspired by the hues of Aleksotas.

“Taking inspiration from the life of an anonymous local of Aleksotas, we work toward greater cohesion and peace among its members so that something more than the community might take shape there. Right here, a project is conceived that all of us can help complete “ – one of the initiative’s creators, Adelė Šuminskaitė, explains.

Photo by Vytautas Paplauskas

The Artscape Art Agency and the Baltic Applied Theatre School (BATS) collaborated on an applied theatre project called “Feel Kaunas,” from which “5 Colors Stories” emerged during a creative applied theatre workshop. The gatherings in Aleksotas used applied theatrical approaches, games, and debates to uncover the stories that served as the inspiration for the experience’s concept and materialization.

At 2 p.m. on September 18th in the VMU Botanical Garden.
Artistic team: Kristina Werner, Adelė Šuminskaitė, Rūta Šmergelytė, Miglė Remeikaitė.
Management: Nataliia Guliaeva

The project was created in partnership with Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022.

September 16, 2022