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Open call to ARTSCAPE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 2024 *Connected by Culture*

Open call to ARTSCAPE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 2024 *Connected by Culture*

Artscape Mentorship Program is a cultural-educational program created to nurture creativity and empower artists and creatives with a refugee background to develop their artistic and cultural ideas. The program engages participants in a training cycle, community-building activities, study visits in cultural organizations, and 1:1 mentorship, ultimately leading to creation of artistic and cultural initiatives.

The goal of the mentorship program is to provide a dynamic space for arts and culture-related knowledge, as well as create and expand networking opportunities in the cultural field for emerging and professional artists with refugee background who are eager to create artistic and cultural initiatives within the Lithuanian context.

2024 Edition: Connected by Culture

The 1st edition of the Artscape Mentorship Program is called ‘Connected by Culture,’ highlighting the connecting power of arts and culture. This year’s goal is to empower creative individuals with a refugee background to express their creative potential in collaboration with cultural organizations and arts & culture professionals in Lithuania by developing art and culture projects.

More about the program

The Mentorship Program has a duration of 7 months (March 18th – October 18th) and is divided into 2 stages:

  1. Co-creation process (March – June)

         Participants collaborate in small groups of 3-4 people, engaging in the co-creation of cultural and artistic projects. There is also an opportunity to showcase these projects during Artscape’s organized festival ‘Rhythms of Cultures.’

  1. Individual artistic/cultural project (July – October)

During this stage, participants focus on developing and creating individual artistic or cultural projects. There is a possibility to showcase these projects in October.

Through both stages, participants will be involved in a series of group activities, including:

  • Training cycle. A comprehensive training cycle consisting of 6 sessions focused on cultural project development.
  • Personalized mentorship with up to 2 experienced culture professionals.
  • Study visits. Up to 5 study visits to cultural organizations to acquaint participants with cultural institutions and expand their network for possible collaborations.
  • Buddy system. A dedicated buddy system providing continuous support from the Artscape team.
  • Community meetings. Regular community meetings for collaborative knowledge sharing, ideas generation, and realization.

A detailed program will be introduced to participants during the first meeting. Program will be implemented in different cities (Vilnius and Kaunas). There is a possibility of receiving a scholarship.

Who can participate in the program? 

Motivated artists and creatives (with a refugee background) who are eager to develop their own artistic and creative path. You can apply for the program if:

  • You have experience as an artist and are continuously creating or you have an interest in arts and culture but haven’t had the chance to explore the creation process yet. You are eager to express yourself through arts and culture.
  • You are open to learning about Lithuania’s arts and culture scene and expanding your network.
  • You have an idea of what your creative expression could be (it can range from literature, music, performing arts, movement, power of words like stand-ups, videography, photography, painting, or other visual arts, producing, curating). Creative expression can be your very personal way to approach and create artistic and cultural initiatives.
  • You are an asylum seeker, have refugee status, or have arrived in Lithuania from Ukraine. And currently live in Lithuania.
  • We will consider applicants who meet the requirements of this program irrespective of age, race, colour, religion, gender, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any special needs you have.

How to apply?

 If you meet the criteria mentioned above apply via REGISTRATION FORM HERE . Registration deadline: February 29th  23:59. NEW DEADLINE – EXTENDED: March 7th  23:59

All applicants will be informed about upcoming selection process by March 7th.

Need more information?

If you want to apply and have questions, please write an e-mail:
If you have some questions and want to ask call +370 690 51517 (Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00)

Informational online meeting and mentorship program introduction:
February 19th 18:00 and February 21st. 16:00
Registration form for meeting click here.

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Photo by Gražvydas Kaškelis

February 7, 2024