Promoting Inclusion, Culture, and Climate Awareness: Talk with Emilja Švobaitė

Promoting Inclusion, Culture, and Climate Awareness: Talk with Emilja Švobaitė

We invite you to listen to a special episode of the Get The Net project, funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ project. Join Greta Glebavičiūtė, Partnership Manager at Artscape, as she moderates a discussion with Emilija Švobaitė, a lawyer, founder of “Sienos Grupė”  and non-party candidate for the European Parliament representing the Lithuanian Green Party. Together, they explore the intersection of migration, European Parliament impact on arts and culture sector, civic participation, and sustainability.

Emilija Švobaitė

In their exploration of migration, civic participation, and sustainability, Emilija Švobaitė shares her transformative journey from cultural studies in London to activism in Lithuania, infused with a deep-rooted commitment to justice. Drawing from her experiences in labor unions and grassroots activism, Emilija underscores the pivotal role of a vibrant civic society in addressing societal inequalities and advancing human rights. The dialogue expands to spotlight the involvement of non-European citizens in European Parliament elections, emphasizing the imperative of inclusivity and active engagement in civic processes. Together, they stress the transformative power of education and information dissemination in empowering individuals and fostering a profound sense of belonging within society.

Delving into perspectives from artist and cultural sector communities, the discussion reveals a striking disparity between these sectors and awareness of European Parliament initiatives. They advocate passionately for the greater inclusion of artists and cultural organizations in political discourse, recognizing the significance of cultural representation in shaping policy agendas. Transitioning to environmental concerns, they offer a fresh perspective that intertwines sustainability with broader themes of democracy and security, calling for innovative approaches to climate discourse rooted in global justice and human rights. 

Join Greta and Emilija as they navigate the intricate landscape of migration, civic engagement, and sustainable futures, shedding light on the interconnected challenges facing contemporary society.

GET THE NET project is a collaborative initiative aimed at providing crucial support to European non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) and EU-wide networks focused on youth engagement. The project seeks to enhance young people’s participation in democratic processes and their active involvement in local community matters that impact their lives. GET THE NET 2024 is led by the NGO YOU IN EUROPE, based in Greece.

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June 7, 2024