World Refugee Day

Refugee Week Opening 2024

Refugee Week Opening 2024

On June 13 at 6 PM, the opening of Refugee Week 2024 will take place at the MO Museum.

For several years, World Refugee Day has been celebrated in Lithuania, and this year, organizations with extensive experience in migration are coming together to create a week-long program of events. We invite you to celebrate the contribution, creativity, and resilience of refugees and asylum seekers from June 13-20 across Lithuania.

The Refugee Week program is being created in collaboration with organizations such as Maltiečiai – Order of Malta Relief Organization, Lithuanian Caritas, International Organization for Migration, Refugee Council Lithuania, Ukreate Hub, Red Cross, Refugee Reception Center, and Save the Children.

Opening event program:

  • Chamber concert of Middle Eastern music featuring Oud and Kanun instruments. The performance will be given by musicians and artists living in Lithuania, Kadim Mazin and Youssef Jmal.
  • Presentation of the Refugee Week initiative and opening of the program.
  • Presentation of an artistic installation created by participants of the ARTSCAPE mentorship program.

After the event, we invite you to stay for conversations.

The event is free.

June 11, 2024