The last “Weaving Webs of Stories” partner meeting in Vilnius

The last “Weaving Webs of Stories” partner meeting in Vilnius

Participants in the literacy promotion project “Weaving Webs of Stories” gathered in Vilnius during the sunny days of September 12–13 to complete their final projects. Partners from seven European nations—Lithuania (“Artscape”), Finland (“Learning for Integration ry”), Great Britain (“Finsbury Park Trust,” “Every Child an Achiever”), Greece (“You in Europe”), Spain (“ACCESOFIA”), Romania (“Fundatia EuroEd”), and Bulgaria (“Zinev Art Technologies”)—discussed the two-year project plan and assessed the project’s progress during the two productive days.

The teaching curriculum designed for schools and its distribution plan were introduced at the last partner meeting. This ERASMUS+ project’s goals are to increase educational opportunities for children from underprivileged environments, increase book accessibility across Europe, and foster literacy-based development.

We say huge thank you for the productive time we shared with our partners and look forward to working together again on future exciting projects.

September 19, 2022