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The Multicultural Women Workshop “Awakening Creativity” have reached its’ finale

The Multicultural Women Workshop “Awakening Creativity” have reached its’ finale

These free workshops, where Lithuanian women joined hands with women from refugee backgrounds, have come to a beautiful conclusion. The Multicultural Women Workshop “Awakening Creativity” was organized by Artscape in partnership with Nacionaline Dailes Galerija, with the explicit goal of uniting women from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Over the course of six sessions, held in an intimate and inspiring atmosphere, women had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artwork of Nacionaline Dailes Galerija’s permanent exhibition. This served as a launching pad for exploration and introspection. Through movement, dialogue, and visual art exercises, as well as through discussions and shared experiences, these workshops encouraged the creation of tangible visual art, handicrafts, and various other forms of creative expression.

Eglė Nedzinskaitė, an Educator at Nacionaline Dailes Galerija, shared her thoughts on this workshop series, which took place in this format for the first time at the National Gallery of Art: “I am incredibly pleased with this series because it was imbued with a profound sense of community—this sentiment resonated not only as an idea but also in all three aspects: Greta’s, Farah’s, and mine. Every session was different and dynamic, consistently leaving both me and the participants delighted. I hope there will be more sessions like these in the future.”

Greta Jalmokaite, a professional creative arts therapist and educator, and one of the workshop facilitators, remarked, “The ‘Awakening Creativity’ workshops have been a truly wonderful experience, bringing together women from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Activities such as storytelling, artmaking, and dialogue have been engaging and relaxing at the same time. The inclusion of the history behind gallery artworks enriched the experience and provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the culture. In a safe and supportive environment, women could feel comfortable opening and connecting with other participants. Workshops had the space not only for creativity but also for social interaction. I think these workshops have a long-lasting impact by fostering cultural exchange, stories, creativity, and a better understanding of themselves and each other.”

Farah Mohammed, another workshop facilitator with a background in arts education who has resided in Lithuania for seven years, added, “I believe that in a short time, these workshops forged a sense of community and a beautiful connection among participants. The activities were simple yet profound, touching people in various meaningful ways. The group’s diversity allowed individuals to learn from one another and build connections, which was the primary objective.”

More about the ‘Awakening Creativity’ workshop

These workshop sessions have proven to be empowering experiences. They bring together a diverse group of women from various countries, fostering cultural exchange and unity. The workshops typically feature activities such as storytelling, art creation, and open dialogue, creating a safe space for participants to share their personal experiences and viewpoints. Participants get to know each other, explore the history behind the paintings, create art, play, explore the gallery, and, most importantly, have a great time. Through this collaboration, participants have formed new friendships, gained deeper insights into each other’s cultures, and discovered creative ways to express their unique identities. Together, we celebrate the strength and diversity of women from different countries.

September 2, 2023