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The weather is affecting Estonian Robot Albert’s mural work titled ‘Unbreakable / Nezlamna’ in Vilnius

The weather is affecting Estonian Robot Albert’s mural work titled ‘Unbreakable / Nezlamna’ in Vilnius

On October 7th, Friday, in the center of Vilnius by the river, the creation of a new neo-fresco titled ‘Nezlamna / Unbreakable,’ dedicated to Ukraine, has begun.

The painting works were carried out on Friday, as well: here.

The large-format artwork on the building owned by Turto bankas at Juozapaviciaus Street 9 is being transferred by the unique Estonian invention, the robot Albert. Due to strong winds, the painting works for the neo-fresco are halted this Saturday and will be resumed, taking into account the weather conditions. The presentation event for the fresco is postponed from October 8th to October 9th (Monday) at 18:00.

Preparatory work for creating the ‘Nezlamna’ neo-fresco with robot

The neo-fresco ‘Nezlamna’ is a joint project of creators from Lithuania, Ukraine, and Estonia, dedicated to the unbroken spirit of the Ukrainian people defending their freedom, emphasizing the importance of intangible cultural heritage that unites communities and nations.

The same team that turned the so-called Moscow Houses into a symbol of Ukrainian resilience with the neo-fresco ‘Do peremogi / To victory’ is implementing the ‘Nezlamna’ fresco. The latter fresco, after the approval of the demolition of the Moscow Houses, will also not be forgotten – it is currently being prepared for an auction where the artwork will be sold in parts. All the funds raised will be donated to the public organization ‘Blue / Yellow,’ which supports Ukrainian soldiers.

Part of the creative team from Ukraine is specially coming to the fresco presentation in Vilnius – the photographer Elena Tita, the author of the photos used for the fresco, and Tetiana Drobotia, the girl looking vividly from the photo. It will be possible to meet them on the updated presentation day – on October 9th during the event.

The project is partly funded by the Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and Turto bankas.

Organised by Artscape Art Agency, Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO
Partners: art laboratory ‘Kiaurai sienos’
Creative and Production Group:
Neo-fresco: art director Lina Šlipavičiūtė (Lithuania), Robot Muralist (Estonia), model Tetiana Drobotia (Ukraine), photographer Elena Tita (Ukraine)
Costume: dress and necklace – designer George Lvov (Ukraine); crown – Natalia Boiko (Ukraine); costume consultant – Serhiy Bilivnenko (Ukraine), Doctor of History, expert in social anthropology, Associate Professor at the Department of History, Zaporizhzhia National University.

October 7, 2023