We invite you to support “Artscape’s” mission with 1.2%. income tax payable

We invite you to support “Artscape’s” mission with 1.2%. income tax payable

A great feeling of gratitude to those who used the opportunity to support “Artscape” in 2020 with a 1.2% of personal income tax thus contributing to the accessibility of art, cultural integration and strengthening of community interaction in Lithuania.

This year, with a help of your 1.2 % of personal income tax contributions, together we are going to continue organizing creative missions, summer camps, fostering integration, celebrating cultural similarities, teaching and learning about differences, strengthening communities, caring for children’s and adults’ mental health, creating safe spaces, supporting artistic initiatives, and developing a socially responsible Lithuania.

This year, we have faced two major challenges: the arrival of asylum seekers across the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and the large number of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war. We responded swiftly to the challenges, redesigning our programs to meet the basic needs of the new arrivals: improving mental health, creating safe spaces, and fostering self-expression even in the most difficult contexts of everyday life.

That is why your support is so important to us. Your contribution will help us to build professional creative and educational environments that respond to social, political and economic challenges and to promote tolerance in Lithuania.

Thank you in advance to all those who choose to support our organization.

You can submit your request for income tax contribution before Sat. 2 May. To do so, please choose one of the most popular forms FR0512 and enter our organisation code: 302706893. Information on how to complete and submit your application electronically can be found here:

April 4, 2022