Why is it important to advocate for refugee rights?

Why is it important to advocate for refugee rights?

When we talk about new arrivals in our country, we often refer to cases where they need help with basic needs such as shelter and food. It is equally important to speak about people’s rights to dignity and non-discrimination, and to full integration into society.

The fact that “Artscape” received the European Development Bank Award and had the opportunity to share the organisation’s position and values is just as valuable as the notoriety or the prize money – we have been talking about refugee rights in Verslo žinios, Delfi, LRT, and other portals in recent weeks.

This is the second year that Lithuania is facing a large number of people seeking safety in our country. Those seeking asylum need a lot of public support and assistance. Civil society and non-governmental organisations play a major role in creating a culture of acceptance and conditions for people fleeing war, violence and persecution.

Advocacy strategy, which we implement on refugee rights:

July 27, 2022