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“Artscape” became part of the platform

“Artscape” became part of the platform

From now on, it is possible to become a financial supporter of the activities of the art agency “Artscape” through the platform. The first project of the agency, to the implementation of which private and legal entities are invited to contribute, is to jointly build a Creative Mission house at the Foreigners’ Registration Center in Pabrade.

You can find out more and donate here.

“Becoming a part of the platform, first of all, paves the way for us to have opportunities to create another safe environment for creativity for people living in the Foreigners’ Registration Center in Pabrade. The second is opportunities for future projects, which we will invite the public to implement together, too,” says Aistė Ulubey, the founder and head of the arts agency.

With the project “Creative Mission House” currently on the platform, we aim to collect 5,000 euros, which are needed for the final installation and completion of the house at the Foreigners’ Registration Center in Pabrade.

With the initiative at the Aliens Registration Center in Pabrade, we aim to solve the problem of the lack of a safe and cozy living environment for migrants by offering a space that provides security and fosters creativity. With this project, we also aim to mitigate the challenges faced by migrants by providing a permanent space where they can feel safe, supported, and empowered to express themselves creatively, accompanied by professional artist-educators.

Both individuals and organizations can donate. You can do it here: Donate a house to creative missions in Pabrade: Donate a house to creative missions in Pabrade – FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES – PROJECTS –


Creative missions

Creative missions have been regularly implemented for four years and are aimed at the beginning of human integration. Refugees often feel insecure when they arrive in a new country, conversations are needed to provide a sense of security. In this case, the involvement of artists is very important, because no additional questions are asked, the focus is on abilities, desires, and aspirations.

The Creative Missions team of educators consists of 18 artists who conduct choreography, theater directing, art therapy, performing arts, design, and other activities.

The Creative Missions program is implemented in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

May 15, 2024