Artscape celebrates 10 years: witty stories, good memories, and wishes from the lips of organization’s friends

Artscape celebrates 10 years: witty stories, good memories, and wishes from the lips of organization’s friends

The Artscape Arts Agency is not just about art, culture, projects, education, and some intangible social change. We are people, friendships, humor, and memories. Celebrating our 10th anniversary, we recall the people who worked with Artscape, as well as partners and friends who contributed to the development and branding of the organization and the growth.

We remind you that Artscape was founded 10 years ago by Aistė Ulubey and Kristina Savickienė. You will find their names in friends’ stories. For the first five years after its founding, Artscape operated as a consulting center and incubator for emerging arts organizations. Since 2015, the organization has also worked with migrants, asylum seekers, and recipients, as well as representatives of ethnic minorities who have come to Lithuania. In recent years, we have especially focused on the meaningful use of art as a tool, catalyst, and communication medium in social areas. Creating interaction among people is important to us, both in the communities we work with and within the Artscape professional community.

By sharing friends’ stories and thoughts about Artscape, we want to show another side of professional work. Some quirks add color, playfulness, and create stronger bonds with team members and partners to the organization’s life. On the occasion of the anniversary, we share Artscape friends’ memories and thoughts:


  • Working with Artscape, you can earn a diploma for the best beard growth!


“Artscape is never completely serious – in a good way! One epic story happened with motivational emails that I unexpectedly started receiving from an unknown address. Not just any motivational emails – about beard growth. Initially, I thought the emails were from the Beard Club president. And at that time, I was actually growing a beard. But of course, it seemed like I was growing it because of those emails, although I wasn’t doing it for that reason. At some point, I thought it couldn’t be any marketing emails – how would they know I’m from Druskininkai?! Well, after six months, I received a diploma from Aistė and Kristina for the best beard-growing work. Because, well, I did grow that beard. It all became clear! Incredibly funny.”

Currently, Jonas collaborates with Artscape on the project “Kai susitinka istorijos”


  • “Artscape” Christmas can turn into a lavish event where it’s not out of place to appear with a ship on your head!


“I am grateful to the Artscape girls for teaching me that everyday life should be celebrated – not forgetting to laugh a lot, have a sense of humor, and enjoy good company. For example, greeting Christmas with ships on our heads… Many more long and happy years to you….”

Have you already attended the Refugee Council’s training on refugee rights and cultural diversity? Highly recommended: Rekomenduojam.


  • Back to innocent emails. Rimantas receives a letter with an incredible project proposal from Jonas. But is it really a letter from Jonas?


“What I remember most is Aistė’s, along with Kristina’s, passion for jokes while she worked at Artscape. For example, this (note that Jonas’s email ends with a double “s”): <jonasterteliss@(…)> wrote: “Rimai, I’m thinking about the project we talked about. I think we should start from the association and specify the concept. The theme in short: binaural head in a closed space versus binaural head in an open space. The essence of the project is a comparison and derivation of parallel binaural processes. (…) Rimai, what do you think? Write or call. j.”

Rimantas, along with Kristina Savickiene, Jonas Tertelis, and Kristina Werner, created plays like “Žalia Pievelė”. Rimantas pasakoja apie kūrybinį procesą.


  • It turns out, such funny emails were a stage of positive thinking recharge, after which the Artscape team could plan new (already real) projects productively and focus on inspiring and empowering young talented artists for important works.


“I remember a story that when I was just a starting director, having just finished my bachelor’s degree in directing, I received an invitation for an interview with Artscape. I didn’t know who they were or where they were… When I came to the office, which, by the way, looked more like a room than an office, I was greeted by two charming ladies. I remember being very nervous because I wanted to look smart and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I didn’t come across as such because I knew absolutely nothing about the topic Aistė and Kristė proposed. It was an idea to participate in a project with refugees, where, collaborating with a large collective of artists, a play would be produced. At that time, I didn’t know that this seemingly simple acquaintance would be a trampoline for other works and other acquaintances. My acquaintance with Artscape is very important in my life. As I see it, to this day. Happy birthday!”

A little about the play that Mantas mentions in his memories: “Dreamland”


  • In addition to the quirks, gatherings, and inspirations, Artscape also has a deep, value-based side. Artscape teaches and learns. Organization partners and friends bring their personality parts to Artscape, from which the characteristics of the organization are formed. For the last morsel, we leave you with Algimantas’ comment.


“Artscape initiatives and management allowed me to get to know a new Lithuania – more open, playful, multicultural. Sometimes it happens that artists’ creations hang in empty galleries without any meaning. Artscape builds bridges between artists and those people for whom that creativity is truly important. It’s minorities, socially sensitive groups, and communities. The journey with Artscape is the search for value in culture, the joy of knowledge, and the light of responsibility.” 

Nesena Algimanto refleksija Recently, Algimantas reflected on visits to migrant centers during Christmas.


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Many more years, Artscape!

January 6, 2022