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The Arts Agency ‘Artscape’ is looking for an educator to join Creative Missions

The Arts Agency ‘Artscape’ is looking for an educator to join Creative Missions

Arts Agency Artscape is inviting professional artists to apply for the Educator position and join the Creative Missions 2024 program. The position, according to the employment contract (0.5 FTE), involves working from the agency’s office and implementing the “Creative Missions” program at various locations. Together, we will be working to create arts activities for foreigners living in Lithuania.

It’s important to note that we are giving significant preference to individuals who can speak Russian and possess a driving license. This is crucial for the effective implementation of arts activities targeting wider groups residing in various locations in Lithuania.

The offered salary is 1000 EUR/month, including taxes (bruto), and it is a fixed-term annual employment contract.


This is an invitation for professional artists and educators to join the existing team of the ‘Creative Missions’ program and collaborate in creating workshops for children and youth during the period of 2024.

Creative Missions team seek to ensure a safe place for participants from various migration’s backgrounds where they can express themselves through artistic approach.  As an artist we invite you to develop open space for creativity, fantasy and artwork developing in collaboration with people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences. We embrace sharing, learning and looking forward for new ways of co-creation together with participants.

You will be planning and leading creative-educational activities of your specialization according to the needs of the selected target group. It means you will be responsible for all means of the activity with full Artscape’s assistance. Our goal together is to bring arts to the vulnerable target audiences and make a change.

We are looking for such skills as openness, patience, project management, creative thinking, leadership, efficient time management, ability to remain calm in a conflict situation.

Interpersonal skills are important, as well. Artscape creates an organizational culture where team members can develop competences, feel free, organize their work autonomously and contribute to the organization’s mission through intrinsic motivation, excellent teamwork and has shared values within the organization. We are looking for a colleague who will contribute to an effective working atmosphere, has leadership skills and is able to plan workflows independently and meet targets on time.

Experience is very welcomed: experience in leading educational activities for children or young people or experience of working with people from vulnerable groups is an advantage but not a must.


A flexible activities’ schedule according the Educator calendar. Educator who is participating in Creative Missions is be able to integrate the new activity alongside other individual activities or part-time commitments.

You will have the freedom to choose how to apply his/her exceptional skills and knowledge to Creative Missions initiative.

All participants of Creative Missions educators’ team and volunteers have the opportunity to develop professionally, to share their experiences and to attend skill-building meetings.


The Arts Agency ‘Artscape,’ which began its work with migrants and refugees in 2015, is on a mission to increase cultural accessibility and community cohesion through professional artistic productions and educational programs. Working in collaboration with artists, local communities and sensitive society groups we nurture self-expression, active participation in society matters and seek social solutions. This our way to make a meaningful social impact.

The Creative Missions are aimed at the beginning of the person’s integration process. A newly arrived refugee often feels very insecure. When we encounter personal stories and find commonalities, the work becomes easier. These individuals most need a simple conversation, and it’s crucial that an artist intervenes. The ability of artists to communicate with socially vulnerable groups is essential. They don’t ask unnecessary questions; instead, they focus on people’s abilities, desires, and nurture their uniqueness. When you concentrate more on what a person can do rather than what they cannot, they blossom like a flower,” says Raimonda, Integration Projects Manager at ‘Artscape.'”

The intercultural team of Creative Missions educators consists of 18 artists, art therapists, and educational specialists. Educators provide choreography, theatre directing, art therapy, performing arts, design creation and other activities for children, adolescents, unaccompanied minors, young people and women. During the Creative Missions, educators are provided with Artscape assistance in their project implementation with all necessary means.

In 2023, ‘Artscape’ executed 385 Creative Missions (Over 1000 missions in total since the program’s start). Over 400 refugees participated, including children, youth, and women from various countries.


We will consider applicants who meet the requirements of this program irrespective of race, colour, religion, gender, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any special needs you have. Please send your motivation letter and CV until January 19th, 2024 via e-mail.

January 4, 2024