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“Artscape” participated in the “Advocacy and Child Protection for Children on the Move” conference

“Artscape” participated in the “Advocacy and Child Protection for Children on the Move” conference

Arts agency “Artscape” participated in the event “Advocacy and Child Protection for Children on the Move” organized by “Save the Children”, dedicated to discussing the integration, protection, and advocacy processes of children affected by migration.

During the conference, the reports on the meaningful and ethical participation of children in making decisions related to them, the protection of the rights of migrant and refugee children and the challenges in ensuring it, the involvement of non-governmental organizations, and their experience in this field were delved into.

“The purpose of our presentation was to present creative missions and talk about modern means of raising awareness, and children’s active voice in deciding what activities they want to do. Also, what kind of message to send to the society that children are equal when solving issues related to children and how important it is to pay attention to how they feel”, says integration project coordinator Raimonda Lebelionytė – Alseikienė, who represented the arts agency at the conference.

During the presentation was presented the exhibition “Toys that live” organized by “Artscape” at the end of last year was presented, where toys created by children from Ukraine were presented. The exhibition carries the message that every child has the right to be a child: to play, to create, to dream, to go to school. Through its activities, Artscape aims to help ensure this right – to create a safe space full of creativity.

About the Creative Missions program

Creative missions are intended to initiate human integration. Refugees often feel insecure when they arrive in a new country, conversations are needed to provide a sense of security. In this case, the involvement of artists is very important, because no additional questions are asked, the focus is on abilities, desires, and aspirations.

The Creative Missions team of educators consists of 18 artists who provide children and teenagers with choreography, theater directing, art therapy, performing arts, design, and other activities.

The program is implemented in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR.


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May 5, 2024