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„Artscape“ Presents the Song “Catch Me”

„Artscape“ Presents the Song “Catch Me”

“Catch Me” is a song born in Lithuania as part of the Creative Missions conducted by the arts agency “Artscape.” Its authors and performers are Carl from Ghana, who lived in one of the migration centers in Lithuania for the whole period of the song’s creation, and Patti, a Lithuanian woman known as an Afro-style singer. This is the first single from the upcoming “Artscape Sounds” album, inspired by the work of unaccompanied migrant minors living in Lithuania and Lithuanian youth.

Carlish Feat. Patti – “Catch Me”

“The song is about the fear of love. If you confess your love, you can also be rejected or alienated,” say the song’s authors briefly.

Patti, a member of the duo, expands on the song’s idea: “It’s about hidden feelings waiting to be released, uncertainty, vulnerability, fear of rejection. All the emotions we experience because of the attraction to someone are encapsulated in this song. The sweet melodies of the song and its lively rhythm remind me of that slightly accelerating heartbeat sensation when I’m in a romantic mood.”

“In my lines, I also respond to Carl, aiming to illustrate the perspectives of two lovers. Words alone are not enough; they must correspond to actions. A single effort is not enough; consistency is expected. Or maybe they’re both just playing? – says Patti. – In any case, I hope listeners can find a piece of themselves in the story. ‘Cause I don’t know if you’ll catch me when I fall.’ – We ask the object of our affection to help us resolve our doubts and just catch us.”

According to one of the single’s producers, Gajus J. Milkeraitis, in the entire creative process, which took place under non-standard conditions, it is very gratifying that although not all the people whose voices are heard in the song are singers, the idea was successfully realized. When Patti sang her creation, everyone was delighted. Aistė Ulubey, founder and director of Artscape, says that the music activities of the Creative Missions supported by UNHCR and the Lithuanian Council for Culture are very engaging for unaccompanied minors.

“It is a very vulnerable group of young people living in the refugee reception center in Rukla, as they are in this country without their families. Our Creative Missions have been traveling to unexpected spaces for the second year, such as recording studios, where young people record their creations, participate in jam sessions with ‘Artscape’ facilitators and Lithuanian youth. Such activities are empowering because creativity opens spaces where teenagers and young people can integrate different elements of their identity, recognize and appreciate diversity, aid in the growth transformation, and strengthen connections with the local community,” says Aistė Ulubey.

The visual author of the music video is artist Ieva Keliauskaitė-Mališauskė (Mali Keli). The song’s text was created by the authors themselves, Carlish and Patti. The arrangement, recording, and mixing were done by Gajus J. Milkeraitis, with production by the arts agency ‘Artscape’ and the creative hub “Ritmas ir Baublys.”

April 20, 2023