DigitACT partner meeting in Vilnius

DigitACT partner meeting in Vilnius

The third project meeting took place in Vilnius, with attending partners from Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy, was dedicated to the training program for performing arts professionals created by the project – Arts Agency Artscape, the training program coordinator, facilitated the program evaluation process together with CSI – Center of Social Innovation (Cyprus).

The DigitACT meeting, which took place on July 5 and 6 in Vilnius, turned out to be a unique and exciting encounter. It was lovely to welcome all the partners who were not only making their first visit to Lithuania but also were the first guests to the new “Artscape” office. Despite the intense heat, the partner meeting was productive and exciting. We appreciate the energy, passion and and look forward to our next gathering in Greece.

In order to create a sustainable and long-lasting career path for themselves and their working ecology, “DigitACT” supports young performing arts professionals and technicians in their efforts to adapt to the demands of digitization and the changing nature of their industry.

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July 19, 2022