Experience of the Baltic States in the field of integration: UNHCR partners’ meeting in Latvia

Experience of the Baltic States in the field of integration:  UNHCR partners’ meeting in Latvia

During the meeting of UNHCR’s strategic partners from the Baltic countries held in Riga on October 5–6, the “Artscape” team presented positive experiences on a global scale.

Partners shared knowledge on the integration, protection, and monitoring of refugees and asylum seekers over the demanding two-day schedule. Participants were able to share their personal experiences, approaches, and explore for solutions to shared difficulties during conversations, group activities, and interactive workshops for the benefit of the three Baltic countries.

The “Artscape” team presented the Baltic partners with activities planned and facilitated with immigrants and asylum seekers in Lithuania since 2015; integration processes implemented with refugee and artist communities through creative missions, summer day camps, the celebration of World Refugee Day in Vilnius, and other projects and initiatives that allow to form the picture of successful integration and inclusion in “Artscape,” which consists of:

  • a multicultural community with common talents and interests;
  • inclusion of local open communities;
  • networking with cultural and other organizations (local or foreign);
  • innovative art methods;
  • effective, correct communication and advocacy.

By adapting quickly to the daily shifting geopolitical situation, Artscape has produced impressive results in recent years. Nearly 500 regular creative workshops in dance, applied theater, graphics, design, contemporary circus, and other fields were attended by nearly 700 vulnerable migrants in 9 different refugee registration and reception, social assistance centers.

Socially conscious and responsible artists from a variety of professions are effectively incorporated into integration procedures by Arts Agency Artscape to build and strengthen protective mechanisms. New opportunities to recognize and respond to vulnerable people’s everyday living situations open up for artists working with refugee communities and socially vulnerable groups during “Artscape” integration programs. A safe environment for reciprocal trust and openness is produced through the application of creative art methods, strong interpersonal connections formed during regular meetings, and a distinctive perspective on various situations. Because of this, “Artscape” holds the view that creative endeavors and other artistic, cultural, and social enterprises are essential to a free, diverse society.

October 12, 2022