Movie about migration crisis “Green Boarder” – incredibly touching and inviting to look back

Movie about migration crisis “Green Boarder” – incredibly touching and inviting to look back

We share our thoughts, an invitation to look back after a particularly touching movie “Green Boarder”.

I was holding on not to watch Kino Pavasaris movie “Green Boarder” about the shocking fate of migrants. For me, as well as for people who have closely experienced the detention of a thousand people, and the great harm done to the families who arrived, this movie is still too soon and too “fresh”. Still, it’s worth watching and talking about.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that there are still pushbacks to the forests every day, that hundreds of people live in migrant accommodation places in Lithuania, including those who suffer the most – children and children separated from their parents.

“Artscape”, which has been operating in refugee accommodation centers since 2016, has been on the front lines during the Belarusian migration crisis and continues to this day with programs such as “Creative Missions”. Regularly providing assistance to refugees and migrant children in crisis. Such popularity of movie “Green Boarder” is very important to me because it disproves the myth that these people are forgotten in Lithuania.

Now the most important question after the movie is how can we change what we see? There are countless ways we can contribute: volunteering, financial support, a word on FB, or at the family table. Everything counts because it is much more than silence.

I took this photo at the Integration Center for Foreigners, at that time 1800 children lived in detention centers in Lithuania. I dedicate the photo to the ARTSCAPE team, artists, educators and volunteers who have implemented over 1000 creative missions for refugees and migrants in crisis in the last 3 years. Thank you for the light, for believing in a better world and for being on the side of people.

Aistė Ulubey, „Artscape“ founder and CEO


Green Border, dir. Agnieszka Holland

Green boarder. Stop shot.


In the treacherous and swampy forests that make up the so-called ‘green border’ between Belarus and Poland, refugees from the Middle East and Africa find themselves trapped in a geopolitical mess. The false hope of a safer Europe is replaced by horror and modern tragedy. The lives of Julia, who has traded a comfortable life for the life of an activist, young border guard Jan, and a Syrian family become intertwined against the backdrop of this invisible war. Agnieszka Holland’s film, which caused a huge stir in Poland, raises the question: can opposing sides find a common ground when the border becomes a graveyard of broken dreams?

We invite you not to miss the next and possibly the only remaining session on May 7.:


April 25, 2024