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Photo Session of the „Nezlamna/Unbreakable” Project in Zaporizhia

Photo Session of the „Nezlamna/Unbreakable” Project in Zaporizhia

Before the demolition of the so-called “Moscow House”, a neo-fresco “Do peremogi/To victory ” has been installed on them. It will be sold at an auction dedicated to Ukraine. The team behind this work – artists from Lithuania and Ukraine and a unique robot from Estonia – are joining forces to decorate the centre of Vilnius this autumn with a new artwork dedicated to the strength of Ukraine and its people.

On the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day, an international creative group, including the arts agency “Artscape” (Lithuania), the Lithuanian National UNESCO Commission, art laboratory “Kiaurai sienas” (Lithuania), public organization Postlomograafia klubi (Estonia), and independent artists from Ukraine and Lithuania (Lina Šlipavičiūtė, Tetiana Drobotia, Elena Tita), presents a new grandiose artwork dedicated to Ukraine and its people. In October, a neo-fresco called “Nezlamna/Unbreakable ” will be installed on a building in the centre of Vilnius, dedicated to the strength and unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian people.

„Nezlamna“, a neo-fresco of several hundred square metres, will be located in a prominent location in the centre of Vilnius this autumn, on a building overlooking the Neris river, the main artery of Vilnius. It will continue the story that began in 2022 with the creation of the neofresco “Do peremogi” on the so-called „Moscow House“.

A Strong Message Through the Lens of a Camera

In the second neo-fresco, the message about Ukraine’s unyielding determination to defend its Freedom and Independence is carried forward by the same strong Ukrainian girl. Tetiana Drobotia, who last year “conquered” the so-called „Moscow house“ as a volunteer, continues to convey this powerful message.

Similar to the neo-fresco “Do peremogi,” the photograph of Tetiana is the creation of photographer Elena Tita, who lives and works in Zaporizhia. The courageous Ukrainian has been documenting the reality of war in the Zaporizhia region for the past two years. Her photographs were also a major part of the “Ukraine is here” exhibition, which was installed at the Litexpo Exhibition Centre in June, when the NATO Summit was held there.

The new artwork will reflect the tragic realities of war, utilizing a photograph from E. Tita’s series taken at the dried-up Kachovka water reservoir, which collapsed after Russia detonated the Kachovka dam. During the photo shoot, Tetiana is dressed in a costume created by Ukrainian designers especially for this mural, which is rich in traditional Ukrainian textile elements.

  (nuotr. Elena Tita)

This year marks the 20th anniversary since the adoption of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2003. On this occasion, initiatives around the world are taking place to celebrate and support the bearers, practitioners, and creators of living traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage.

Vyshyvanka is a crucial part of Ukrainian cultural identity. It gained significant symbolic meaning during the 2014 Maidan uprising and the Russian war against Ukraine. In wartime, intangible cultural heritage brings communities together, but it is as fragile and vulnerable as tangible cultural assets. The preservation of intangible heritage depends on undisturbed communities and a dignified, secure environment in which it can thrive.

Vyshyvanka, distinguished by a rich embroidery tradition, is undeniably a significant living intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine. It is continually reinvented, restored, and interpreted by Ukrainians themselves, passed down from generation to generation. It provides a sense of identity and continuity, fostering respect for cultural diversity and human rights.


The project is partially funded by the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the State Enterprise “Turto bankas.”

Organizers: Arts agency “Artscape,” Lithuanian National UNESCO Commission

Partners: Art laboratory “Kiaurai sienos”

Creative and Production Team:
Neo-fresco: Art Director Lina Šlipavičiūtė (Lithuania), Robot Muralist (Estonia), model Tetiana Drobotia (Ukraine), photographer Elena Tita (Ukraine)

Costume: Dress and necklace – designer George Lvov (Ukraine), crown – Natalia Boiko (Ukraine), costume consultant – Dr. Serhijus Bilivnenko, PhD in History, social anthropology expert, Associate Professor at the History Department of Zaporizhia National University (Ukraine)

August 1, 2023