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The first “Artscape” Mentorship meetup took place

The first “Artscape” Mentorship meetup took place

On March 26, we launched the “Artscape” mentorship program with the theme “Connected by Culture,” designed for creators who have found refuge in Lithuania. A meeting with participants was held at the program’s introduction event.

The program will last for 7 months, collaborating with cultural organizations and creative professionals to strengthen the creative network of participants and develop creative ideas.

After the open call for the “Artscape” mentorship program, 14 participants from various fields such as theater, visual arts, music, literature, and others were invited to join.

Participants of the mentorship program will develop unique creative ideas and organize creative initiatives during the World Refugee Week, collaborating with cultural organizations. Additionally, intensive work with mentors – cultural professionals – will take place starting from the summer.

Within the framework of the program, there is a lot of freedom, so at the end of the year, we will invite everyone to join the events presenting individual creative projects. Until October, we will share impressions from ongoing meetings and creative processes.

The program powered by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.
Program partners: the Vilnius City Municipality, the Kazickas Family Foundation, and the Lithuanian Culture Council.

About the program

The “Artscape” mentorship program is the first cultural educational initiative aimed at promoting creative activity among artists and creators who have found refuge in Lithuania. During the program, selected participants will have the opportunity to participate in a training cycle, establish connections with Lithuanian cultural organizations, engage in 1:1 mentorship programs with cultural professionals, and create their own individual or group artistic initiatives.

The goal of the mentorship program is to create a creative educational space where participants can strengthen their creative authenticity, collaboration between Lithuanian cultural organizations, cultural professionals, and creators who have arrived in Lithuania.

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Photo credits: Agnė Rita Kučinskaitė – Jakovienė

April 5, 2024