The Kazickas Family Foundation Partners with “Artscape” Initiatives

The Kazickas Family Foundation Partners with “Artscape” Initiatives

Since the beginning of this year, the Kazickas family foundation partners with “Artscape” Initiatives by joining the mentorship program.

“We are very pleased with the Kazickas Family Foundation’s decision to dedicate its time and funding to our mission. This partnership is immensely significant for Artscape’s activities and team. When like-minded individuals with bright ideas contribute to our goals, it greatly supports our vision of an open, inclusive society,” says Aistė Ulubey, founder and head of the arts agency.

The Kazickas Family Foundation was established in 1998 with the aim of strengthening the Lithuanian state, fostering values and language. In Lithuania, the Foundation cooperates with various organizations in creating opportunities for representatives of different social groups to integrate in society and pursue career opportunities.

“The Kazickas Family Foundation is happy to contribute to the ‘Artscape’ mentoring program. We believe that art can create positive changes in society, and we want to help this organization provide opportunities for creative activities to creators who have found refuge in Lithuania. This program aligns perfectly with our mission to strengthen Lithuanian society by promoting education, culture, and social integration. We are convinced that the Artscape mentorship is a meaningful investment in the future of Lithuania, and we invite you to support this organization,” says Domantė Greifenbergerytė, Executive Director of the Kazickas Family Foundation in Vilnius.

During the Foundation visit in Vilnius, the team of Artscape met with the president of the foundation Jūrate Kazickas, and active member of the foundation Lucy Kazickas. They discussed the most pressing challenges in the topic of migration and refugees in Lithuania, and shared practices.

„Artscape“ Mentoring Program

Artscape’s mentorship program “Connected by Culture” started after an open call in March of this year and will last for 7 months. It is intended for creators who have received asylum in Lithuania. 14 participants: from theater, visual arts, and music to literature and other fields of artists, will develop unique creative ideas, and organize creative initiatives during World Refugee Week, in cooperation with cultural organizations. Also, intensive work with cultural professionals mentors will take place from the summer. The main goal of the mentorship program is to create a safe creative space where creative authenticity can be strengthened and collaboration encouraged.

The program is implemented together with the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Program partners: Vilnius City Municipality, Kazickas Family Foundation, Lithuanian Culture Council.

May 27, 2024