“The Open Colony” – a performance behind the bars of a correction house

“The Open Colony” – a performance behind the bars of a correction house

To get into a correctional house, you must fill in an application form. Your background will be thoroughly checked before your arrival date. When you arrive, you must empty your pockets and leave your belongings in a locker, pass through a series of bars, gates and metal detectors, and finally take a breathalyzer. If the result is zero, you are in the “zone”. A large rectangular courtyard with a sports field in the middle. One other guard, the sound of rattling crockery and the penetrating stares of the prisoners. Ordinary life left behind the walls. You are in a whole new world.

But what kind of world is it? A place of exchange? A purgatory that washes away sins? A hell only for punishment, not correction? Christian images come to mind when we think of prison. But how much of God’s prison is actually in everyday life?

“Artscape” produces a play set in a correction house and invites us to reflect together on the institutions we have created and what they say about our society. The prisoners “What do you believe in?”, “Are you capable of change?”, “How do you see yourself tomorrow, a month, a year from now?” – questions for both. The partially open structure of the performance is shaped and changed by the participants, while the action is controlled by professional actors (the participation of actor Marius Repšis is already confirmed).

“The Open Colony is a play about the slow passage of time, survival, guilt and the possibility of change.

Premiere in 2023.

Kūrybinė grupė:
Režisierius Mantas Jančiauskas
Dramaturgas Rimantas Ribačiauskas
Kompozitorius Andrius Šiurys

May 29, 2022