The Results of the DigitACT Transnational Report and the Need of Digital Knowledge in the Area of Performing Arts

The Results of the DigitACT Transnational Report and the Need of Digital Knowledge in the Area of Performing Arts

In 2021, project DigitACT initiated a complex international research in 5 partner countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal) that paved the way to understanding the (post)pandemic sector of performing arts, young performing actors and technicians influenced by it. The focus of the study – digital knowledge available to professionals in this field and enabling them to work effectively, their training needs and opportunities.

Last December, following an intensive meeting of partners in Bari, Italy, a transnational research report was prepared to learn about the current situation of young performing actors and technicians in all five countries, their level of use and adoption of digital literacy. Data was obtained from individual field research through questionnaires and focus groups. The results presented during the meeting allowed to grasp the general situation of  digital knowledge and the need of education in the area of performing arts, deriving not only from the field research but also from the insights of individual specialists in this area.

The main research findings presented in the report:

  • The level of adoption of Digital Technologies varied to a great extent among the countries involved in the DigitACT project. It goes from the “almost unknown” and “virgin field” to the “important role” and “increasing and widely usage”, with a big focus on flourishing discussion on the “quality” and “experiential” level of the performances using Digital Technologies in practice.
  • The knowledge of Digital Technologies has become crucial during the pandemic and more and more of it will play an important role in the future of the entire sector. Furthermore, in various forms emerged a certain kind of mistrust towards such tools and technologies that derives from the lack of competencies.
  • There is a clear need for digital knowledge and training opportunities that highlights an additional demand of knowledge in Communication, Self-Marketing, Digital Tools Usage / Adoption (in social media, video / audio editing), Media Management and other areas of expertise.

The Transnational Report constitutes the first output of DigitACT (IO1) and it is the basis upon which to develop the successive Intellectual Output of the project. It will enable the development of training curricula (IO2), and then the realization of training workshops (IO3), that shall be useful, needed and pertinent for the main project stakeholders, i.e. the artists and the technicians of the performing arts sector in Europe.

The full report can be found here


January 5, 2022