“Weaving Webs of Stories” partner meeting in Helsinki, Finland

“Weaving Webs of Stories” partner meeting in Helsinki, Finland

International project “Weaving Webs of Stories” partners “Learning for Integration ry” (Finland), “Artscape” (Lithuania), “Finsbury Park Trust”, “Every Child an Achiever” (UK), “You in Europe” (Greece) ir “ACCESOFIA” (Spain) met in Helsinki on July 7 and 8. Together with colleagues “Fundatia EuroEd” (Rumunija) and “Zinev Art Technologies” (Bulgarija) participating online, project participants discussed the progress of the project and completed tasks. Partners presented the already gathered activity materials during the meeting, and plans for project product dissemination were developed.

The primary goals of the conference were to develop a plan for training courses for schools and to get ready for the final meeting in Vilnius, when the activities for the final project and the outcomes of three years of work will be presented.

The “Weaving Webs of Stories” ERASMUS + initiative develops fresh strategies for involving kids in their imaginative play and storytelling. The project aims to develop students’ reading, comprehension, and creative writing skills as well as their overall knowledge of the outside world. The project aids schools in fostering equality, tolerance, shattering stereotypes, and celebrating multiculturalism by drawing on the experiences of all six partner countries and the diversity and depth of their multicultural populations.

The project’s program, which was developed and put to the test in schools, will focus on enhancing storytelling abilities. All children’s creations will be published in books and posters using formal and informal artistic training, which may also be utilized for educational reasons. Schools taking part in project activities will also get strategic recommendations on how to enhance literacy instruction, advance an improved perspective on integration and equality, and successfully carry on project activities after it is finished.

July 27, 2022