Community Bridges

Community Bridges

Integration and inclusion are dynamic, two-sided processes that demand participation from all parties. This includes preparing immigrants seeking asylum and citizens of third countries to adapt to the host society, as well as ensuring that they are aware of the laws and obligations of receiving nations. Equally important are the organizations of the host community’s cultural readiness and openness to receive people from different cultures, as well as their knowledge of the rights guaranteed by international agreements and national laws to foreigners and citizens of third countries who have sought asylum in Lithuania and the EU.

The severe issues being addressed by this project include isolation, a lack of ties to the neighborhood, a lack of involvement in national culture, and unfavorable attitudes. In order to foster community ties, facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers, promote cultural awareness, and combat discrimination, Vilnius Caritas – Foreigners’ Registration Program, in collaboration with partners Arts Agency Artscape and Refugee Council of Lithuania, has launched the “Community Bridges” community initiative project. This project may involve foreign nationals who have applied for or received asylum as well as nationals of other third countries or stateless individuals. Project participants will have the chance to create, learn, and discuss together in order to develop various intercultural abilities through project trainings and ongoing community events.

Application code: PMIF-2.1.6-K-01-004

The project’s goal is to conduct intricate community activities that promote the integration of refugees, citizens of other countries, and noncitizens, thereby reducing their social isolation through planned workshops and local projects.

The project is financed by the funds of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

October 5, 2022