Cultural Ambassadors

Cultural Ambassadors

The community initiative project “Community Bridges” includes a cultural ambassadors program for young foreigners who are seeking asylum. Members will produce festivals and instructional events while taking part in cultural and educational organizations throughout the program.

The volunteering program encourages the target population, paying special attention to young people with refugee status, to volunteer at cultural and artistic groups. Its exposure in the social context will expand with the involvement of volunteers from target groups. Volunteers who are interested in serving as “culture ambassadors” are given the training they need as well as the information and abilities required to work in a variety of cultural organizations and festivals, advocate for their areas, and engage in communication with the local populace. The target audience’s and Lithuanian citizens’ volunteer effort will help to minimize social isolation and negative attitudes, assist both migrants and Lithuanians in developing intercultural competence, and increase mutual understanding.

Application code: PMIF-2.1.6-K-01-004

The project’s goal is to conduct intricate community activities that promote the integration of refugees, citizens of other countries, and noncitizens, thereby reducing their social isolation through planned workshops and local projects.

The project is financed by the funds of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

September 30, 2022