‘Guided’ was born out of workshops organised by the authors and the Artscape team in Pravieniškės Prison since 2021. Developing a genre they have invented themselves, which they call ‘performative encounter’, Jančiauskas and Ribačiauskas are looking for new forms of coexistence in theatre. They are trying to create the mechanics of a performance that actively and provocatively – but safely – involves both convicts and spectators. During a performative encounter, 10 convicts and 10 spectators meet for a dialogue, for which neither side is prepared in advance.

Around 6 000 people are currently serving sentences in Lithuanian prisons. As a proportion of the country’s population, this is one of the highest figures in Europe – Lithuania ranks fourth in the EU in terms of the average number of people in prison per capita.

In the performance, uncensored and non-standard language may be used. 18+

The performance uses the Remote Player platform (

Concept: Mantas Jančiauskas, Rimantas Ribačiauskas
Director: Mantas Jančiauskas
Texts: Rimantas Ribačiauskas
Dramaturgy: Rimantas Ribačiauskas, Mantas Jančiauskas
Composer: Andrius Šiurys
Executive producer: Erika Urbelevič
Producer: Aistė Ulubey (Arts Agency Artscape)
Commnunications: Agnė Šyvokaitė

May 29, 2023