Artscape participated in the conference ‘Advocacy in the face of crises and cultural wars’

Artscape participated in the conference ‘Advocacy in the face of crises and cultural wars’

From January 24-26, the arts agency “Artscape,” together with other non-governmental organizations from Lithuania and foreign countries, actively participated in a three-day international conference “Advocacy in the Face of Crises and Cultural Wars” in Druskininkai.

Our agency’s Integration Projects Coordinator, Raimonda Lebelionytė-Alseikienė, represented “Artscape” during the event. “Firstly, it is important to understand that advocacy is a crucial part of a democratic country. It is important to defend public interest, justice, equal participation, and protect the rights of the most vulnerable. By doing this not alone but together with other organizations, everything becomes louder, gains a stronger foundation, and offers different possibilities for change. Sometimes it is essential to change laws, and sometimes, in a critical moment, advocacy becomes a tool for changing societal attitudes,” shares insights R. Lebelionytė-Alseikienė.

How did the arts agency contribute to changing attitudes in 2023? Together with unaccompanied children living in refugee reception centers in Lithuania at that time, we created and recorded the first single “Catch me“. In the heart of Vilnius, we unveiled a new symbol of Ukrainian strength – the neo-fresco “Nezlamna” – with partners. In the exhibition halls of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, we showcased a toy exhibition created by Ukrainian children titled “Toys That Live“. We opened the doors of Pravieniškės Prison with the play “Guided,” in which inmates took on the roles of actors. Additionally, we carried out other projects catalyzing change.

Representatives from 12 European Union countries participated in the conference, sharing their organizations’ activities, experiences, ongoing projects, and success stories.

Photo credit: Atviros Lietuvos Fondas

February 1, 2024